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web design showcasearaks (screenshot)
The visual refinement we've come to expect from [Deepend, the designer of the original version] shines on, even though the company itself has gone through some drastic changes (note: this site was built way before 2002). Guided by an oh-so-simple but luxuriously squishy color palette, illustrated essential laces come to life in the world of araks women's undergarments. With a hint of early-70's tennis chic, the site serves up its wares on a platter of knockout femininity.
New Design (at this update, July 2004) by: Headspace3.

web design showcaseCaractère (screenshot) (IT)
The broad cinematic format of this fashion site promotes the easy style of Italian fashion designer Christian Arni who notes that, "Caractère is for the woman who loves current trends in all their forms, and knows how to avail herself of them spontaneously." The site offers viewers a visually provocative look at the collection, advertising and fashion history, encapsulated within a thoughtful interface.
Designed by: Niko Stumpo
Programmed by: Ubi

web design web design showcaseLa Perla (IT)
The La Perla Fashion Group presents us with an atelier-like experience that is part runway, part sketchbook. Multiple clothing lines for men and women with great ambient audio and striking theatrical photography render moodily hip and alluring. Interface highlights are the map locator in the 'where' section, and the 'Press Review' section.

web design showcaseVIP Men's Fashion (NL)
Ah, shopping music! Why did I buy that shirt...? I can't remember, but it sounded good. Netherlands based VIP Men's Fashion has at least one interesting feature: The tailor-made section of this retail fashion showcase lets you explore a wide palette of available textile colors. Aside from being what seems to be a tight replica of their retail store, the site serves little other purpose than electronic reverie. Honestly, we'd like to see the whole lot of current fashion sites transformed into salient in-store brand experiences - all you need is a projector and a CPU, right? It just seems tragic that these slickly produced, dynamic selling tools aren't being manipulated at the visceral source of desire - on the showroom floor!

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