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web design showcaseJunkbot (screenshot)
Mensa challenge or LEGO construction? An absolutely addictive, open-ended problem-solving arcade style game, not to mention fiendishly difficult in the later levels because you have to rearrange the environments in a limited number of moves. Instead of controlling Junkbot directly, you deconstruct and reconstruct his environments, building stairways and bridges while avoiding tricky hazards. Junkbot looks, sounds, and plays as smooth as plastic, though now I wish I had become a LEGO Club member as this is the only way the game will remember your progress. The 80's style soundtrack and Junkbot's point-scoring declaration of "oooooh yeeeaah!" are ambient highlights in this clever diversion and part of the legacy of engaging direct marketing games on the Lego site ('Throwbots', anyone?).
Designed by: GameLab.
Audio by: Blister Media.

web design showcaseAlive Is (screenshot)
A lively branding site presenting eight fruiti-licious arcade style games ('Mower' is my favorite) and as many clever screensavers. The really neat thing about brand experience sites is the hyper-aestheticized shwag you can download; each item is a mini fruit-fetish, a 'fruit-machine'. It is to laugh - don't miss the TV spots in the 'Chuggable Info' section. Can you buy this stuff in the states? I'm thirsty. Great, whimsical interface work, too.
Designed by: Preloaded (UK)

web design web design showcaseSpider Game (screenshot)
The 2001 Flashforward game category winner, this quietly addictive repast will keep you going for at LEAST an hour. Speed and creature difficulty increase rapidly, so mastering the bungee-like character control is somewhat hectic at first. Avoid the lightning bugs at all costs but don't miss the extra-juicy multiple point bugs - kinda gross but they get that score up, up, up! Look for the Isotoonic edutainment game engine, coming soon!
Designed by: Titoonic (DK)

web design showcaseBanja (screenshot)
Already in it's 12th episode and into its 3rd year of development, this absolutely stellar persistent gaming environment from Team cHman is still leagues ahead of the pack and still intent on taking it all the way. As Banja, the bemused, everyman protagonist visitor to the island nation of Itland, you will solve your way through sociopolitical and geographical landscapes which change with every visit and according to the actions of other players. Habbo Hotel being the only other likeness that comes to mind, Banja is in a class all by itself, featuring guest DJs, innovative plot lines and a truly fantastical menagerie of characters and topographies. Because of the exceptional complexity and volume of animated dynamic content, the preloading sequences can be a bit of a drag, even on fat connections. But don't let this deter you - rich, thoughtful storylines and quirkily accessible environments achieve a combined balance you won't want to miss. I'm waiting for the console version!
Designed by: team cHman (FR)

web design showcaseBeetle Buggin (screenshot)
Simple, great fun. The only disappointment is the limited levels (there are only 2) but it is only a promotional piece, after all. Game play action is reminiscent of old-school 'Marble Madness', steering your careening buggy around a viciously hairpin office desktop, collecting sheets of HP Photo Paper along the way. In fact, office supplies haven't been this fun since Microsoft fired Clippy. Overall tight design - especially if you're a fan of isometric web design.
Designed by: Hewlett Packard (UK)

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