(screenshot)=Animated Screenshot (More than one frame displayed)

web design showcaseAir : 10,000 Hz Legend (screenshot)
Explore this dreamy future landscape park for the new album from Air. Starting from the short introduction - one of the few we actually enjoyed watching - begin a virtual trip through beautifully rendered vistas devoid of words, complete with selected atmospheric vibes from the groovy electronic group. The pages are graphically rich, thus the page loads are quite slow. Colored by French design group:
Designed by: Ora-Ito. FR

web design showcaseFat Boy Slim : Gutter and Stars (screenshot)
Fans of Flash will find this site clean, accessible and quietly fun. The interface work is great - emulating equalizer bars - and the color scheme and open spaces combined with great photos make this site a sharp accomplishment.

web design showcaseKashmir (screenshot)
Kashmir is very interface driven, overloading you with buttons and auxiliary information, but this site is for the fans, and as such, it gives them lots of features to play with. Overall, the light blue washes and blurred touches are quite beautiful. Combines Flash and DHTML design work.
Designed by: Nanna Bentel

web design showcaseDJ GrooveUs (screenshot)
More of an interface site design with few pages, this site goes heavy on the fine line and grid details - much of which have no function aside from being very aesthetically pleasing.
Designed by: Atmosphere. SP

web design showcasepiano graphique (screenshot)
Get past the plain front page to try out some of the very cool Flash experiments inside. Piano Graphique is a wild site that lets you play and create music on your keyboard while simultaneously conducting the play of a visual graphic maelstrom.... wild.

web design showcasenutone (screenshot)
Nutone is very simple, and nicely colored with art from their many great album covers. The interface features some basic Flash technical interfaces to play with and just an overall mellow mood.
Designed by: Nettmedia.

web design showcaseWarp Records (screenshot)
Warp records is the label site for a great many new electronic and independent-style artists. The design features a tight, dark style of flat, 'blocky' colors meant in many cases to imitate 3-D or a 3-D version of equalizers. The overall appearance can be a bit sparse at times, but allows for efficient updates from the database as this is a comprehensive site for many artists.
Designed by: The Designers Republic.
Programmed by: Kleber.

web design
web design web design showcaseSarah (screenshot)
The opening Flash intro with the cool sixties-style color designs are really what makes this site rock. Inside, the style changes a little bit, but definitely not for the worse, and the overall design and features makes this a fantastic site for the fans.

web design showcaseEclectic Bob (screenshot)
Candy striped and minimal, EB makes for pure exploring fun while you get introduced to the new album, Chocolate Garden. Download all the songs as MP3, for free, or peruse the photo album, check the bulletin board and play small interactive games.
Designed by: Ricky Tillblad at 24HR International

web design showcaseamon tobin (screenshot)
The ambient shapes, minutely detailed animation and cool gray wash make this a favorite for overall design. Sometimes we felt the intro was a bit long and some of the navigation a bit too tech, but for fans of the ambient and electronic DJ genre, this site sets the mark for beauty. Includes a well designed Flash keyboard mixer for you to play.
Designed by: Kleber.

web design showcasePlanet of the Drums (screenshot)
A rocking site for the promotion of drum & bass music. 'Drums' features finely integrated audio, great 3-D work, and a wholly chaotic construction of parts that houses DJ info, concert dates and more. We were really impressed with level of minute digital details that went into this design: a highly technical Flash introduction, original architectural shapes and finely woven textures nestled into sharp duotone backgrounds.
Designed by: Designgraphik.

web design showcasemedeski martin & wood (screenshot)
We loved the combination of the woodblock type over the psychedelic purple and green rust pattern, but after the intro, once the site flips over to a three-frame design, it lost a little flavor compared to the opening sequence and the promising circle-based navigation.
Designed by: The Chopping Block.

web design showcaseGorillaz (screenshot)
Gorillaz is a real band represented by fictional animated characters and this is a great virtual reality site and online home for the band. As you swoop through Kong Studios, the nav is a little confusing at times, but they do have a good help area hosted by a monkey... if that makes you feel any better. Contains lots of rooms and entertaining diversions.

web design showcasemusic3w (screenshot)
Music3W is a music fan site that features a slick purple and yellow cutout style page design. The site is very clean and flavorous, but unfortunately does not look like it's being updated much recently.

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