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web design showcaseAlabama (screenshot)
Is time nothing more than the deterministic darkroom of history? Or is it perhaps only the random carriage of possibility? In either case, photography is surely the quivering membrane of the now, the soul of the present moment, a temporal particulate wrenched from the continuum. The sometimes haunting, sometimes striking images of Berltomieje Marchut capture the whimsically stark and disorienting familiar future present tense. The choice of framing context is apt – what could be more immediate and yet more immediately nostalgic than SX-70 Time-Zero format?
Designed by: Eperion
GPS: Poland (PL)

web design showcasehw photography (screenshot)
The graphically simple hypnotic rhythm of hw photography leads you through a glamorous slide show, where a unique semiautonomous navigation creates some minor frustrations, but it might well be a constructed plot. Either way, there are a number of worthy diversions inside. A nod is order for some interesting content and color-rich imagery. Featuring the very nice photography of Hajime Watanabe shine. Arigato Hajimesan. Anata no photography ga sugoi desu yo.
Designed by: IMG SRC.

web design showcaseAndrew Stockdale (screenshot)
What is the most important thing when presenting a photographers work online? That's right, the photography. Beginning with function and wrapped sparingly in form this portfolio site for Andrew Stockdale provides a vivid look at his work sans the superfluous. Navigation is clean and straightforward, though maybe first and second level is a bit segregated. This site comes close to duplicating the experience of looking at the book in person.
Designed by: Rubiblox.

web design web design showcaseVerne (screenshot)
This Flash-built site for verne photography creates a comfortable environment amidst the diverse selection of art and advertising work. The navigation system cleverly leads a little online taste while enveloped by a soothing blend of citar/yoga music. A pleasant demonstration of refined Flash use with a foot firmly planted in restraint and forethought.
Designed by: group94.

web design showcasePETER FUNCH (screenshot) : Photo
Judging from the thoughtful work and precision of its presentation Peter was struck by graphic inspriation when working on a theme presentable through his online portfolio. This stingingly restrained yet highly approachable portfolio site is a definite stand out among others of its type.
Designed by: Rune Hogsberg (e-mail).

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