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web design showcasepraystation (screenshot)
Evolving ever since we can remember, the Praystation of 1999-2000 is a leader in demonstrating the highest levels of complexity in Flash tek and design interactions. From digital paintbrushes, to Replicating Snowflakes, to Building a Tsunami, Praystation promises the widest and wildest array of Flash Tek experiments online to date - at best guess, more than 50. And as both the showcaser and the teacher at the same time - Pray delivers eye-fetching content, while more recently he provides code from the experiements for others to learn from - then throw in occational updates of the authors' exploits with a smart interface that leads your through all of the modules and you have one of the diamond superstars of Flash Tek.
Designed by:
Joshua Davis.
Built with: Flash

web design showcaseMr. Noodlebox (screenshot)
Mr. Noodlebox was probably one of the earliest Tek-nical sites online, and this archived experiment - created before all the rage and possibilities of Flash - still holds a stiff noodle up to the competition. These Flash 'toys' as the author describes them are bundled together simply for your pleasure and amusement. Rightly so, this pieces are fun, colorful, well designed, and they still amuse, even if they were originally created in late 1997.
Designed by: Daniel Brown. UK
Built with: Shockwave

web design showcaseAssembler (screenshot)
Attaining many of the same interactions and effects as the above sites - but doing it in JavaScript - places this site in a unique category for both Tek difficulty and design! The creator of these visual and colorful DHTML experiments (numbering about 15) throws most people for a loop when they realize his work is handled completely by JavaScript instead of the more commonly tools (Flash). His command of this these formidable scripting challenges is impressive and the resulting experiments appear simple, but are subtely quite powerful.
Designed by: Brent Gustafson. Minn, US.
Built with: DHTML

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web design web design showcasedigital experiences (screenshot)
Digital Experiences (UK) is a fine representative of the experimental Flash Tek sites, showcasing 'physical' interactions and some quite pleasing control modules for your entertainment. The digital experiences modules focus on some of the more commonly seen effects - spacial, dynamic and repetitive interactions - but also deal with type, physics, some cool 'control' interfaces, and even creates some beautiful pieces with their light and fanciful design elements.
Designed by: Digit1 (UK)
Built with: Flash

web design showcase*Wireframe Studio (screenshot)
A promotional 'byproduct' from a design studio in South Africa, Wireframe gives us several extremely tight modular interactions to play with and enjoy. The promise of the site is both experimental and commercial, as this interactive design firm will eventually post it's portfolio, marketing, et. al. on the site, while the experiments will remain in the central strip. To date, there are 6 interactive experiments to enjoy, mostly focused on object control and interactions, including collision detection and more.
Designed by: *Wireframe Studio. ZA
Built with: Flash

web design showcaseFlight 404 (screenshot)
All aboard for a cruise through a healthy number of spacial and dynamic Flash modules - strapped into a airline metaphor interface. Finding the way to your seat is half the fun here as the 'inspector'-style interface guides you through over 40 modules to date. There are also a few additional areas, including a user submition database and a couple more that are currently in development. Robert himself has said, in an interview with Extra Lucky Design, that the idea for this site came directly from Joshua Davis's Praystation, but that his goal is to make it even better.
Designed by: Robert Hodgin.
Built with: Flash

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